Step 1 

On your Dashboard, click on the Invite Co-Workers button under the Take Action heading, or go to the Add Co-workers tab in the menu.

Step 2

You are given the the option to Add Users one-by-one (great for small teams), or to Invite many people at once (better for larger companies). Click Invite many people at once

Step 3

Follow the instructions on the pop-up to upload your .csv file. We provide a template .csv file that you can download and populate with your company's users.

Important: Notice that you can toggle sending the activation links before you upload. If you'd rather wait before sending the invite emails to all your staff, then untick this box. You can send the emails later when you're ready (see this help article). We'll automatically send out the invites 5 days after initial upload ;)

Step 4

Click on the Choose file button to upload your .csv when it's ready, then click on the Upload button when it appears. A prompt will pop up asking for Confirmation - click OK and you're done!


  • This function is only available on Desktop to users with Admin or Line Manager permissions. 
  • To double-check that your co-workers have been added, go to the Manage section and you should see the co-workers you have just added (they will be inactive users until they have logged in for the first time). 
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