Check this out: How to back a Hi5 on Desktop.

Step 1

Scroll through the Hi5 Wall of Fame to find a Hi5 that you'd want to back ('like').

Step 2 

Tap on the grey hand icon. The number next to the hand shows how many times this Hi5 has been backed (number 1 is the original giver of the Hi5  😉).

To Note:

Hi5 backing is unlimited and will not use any of your Hi5's!

Step 3

Enjoy the confetti 🎉 You'll see the Hi5 you've backed has a red hand icon now, with a higher number next to it (this means backing has been successful). Nice one!


You can only back a Hi5 within the month that it has been given. Hi5's from previous months cannot be backed - yep, we like to keep things fresh!

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