Check this out: How to give a Hi5 on Desktop.

Every week (at midnight on Sunday, to be exact!), you get a fresh batch of 5 x Hi5's to give to your co-workers. You can back Hi5's that others have given! 

You will see all the Hi5's in your company on your Hi5 Wall of Fame.

Let's start Hi5'ing!

Step 1

Tap the little pink hand icon.

You can also tap Give a Hi5 on your menu.

Step 2

Choose who you want to Hi5. For this example let's Hi5 Ken. Tap the hand icon next to the person's name. 

Step 3

Type in the reason behind your Hi5.

Step 4
Now you can have a little fun customising your Hi5. Add emoji's to your message, upload a Photo or choose a Giphy. Tap Send Hi5 when you're done. 

Make sure you're happy with your Hi5 and tap 'Submit'.


Step 5

Success! Click Dismiss.

You will now see your Hi5 on the Hi5 wall of fame!

From here you can Hi5 another co-worker, or just take it easy and browse your company's wall of fame.

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