Giving Genuine Hi5's

Why did we call it the Genuine Meter and how does it work? After much feedback from clients, we realised that oftentimes Hi5's are given but have too little detail to make them really valuable to management. These come across as insincere and weak.

Hands up who's ever given a Hi5 that says 'Thanks for the coffee'? 😱 Don't worry, redemption is at hand - with the Hi5 Genuine Meter.

The Genuine Meter measures the positivity/neutrality/negativity of the words used in your Hi5 to show you how sincere your Hi5 will come across. It's really simple:

Step 1

Create a Hi5 as per normal, then start typing your Hi5 message. Check the Genuine Meter underneath your Hi5 text to gauge Hi5 awesomeness.

Pro tip: Dig deep into your adjectives treasure chest and make your Hi5 as descriptive as possible. Use positive words to keep your score up!

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