The Hi5 Wall of Fame & Dashboard

The Hi5 Wall of Fame is your base of operations. This is where you land when you first log in and see all the Hi5's given in your company. From here, you can also quickly navigate to every section of Hi5 via the handy dashboard.

The Wall of Fame

This is where you'll see all of the Hi5's given across your company displayed chronologically, with the most recent Hi5 at the top. Just scroll down to see older Hi5's.

the Hi5's on your wall by Month, My Hi5s, External Hi5's, Departments, Roles, Offices and Users.

The Hi5 Menu

From the Hi5 Menu you can navigate to:


  • View your role and goals - Click on your profile picture to check on your goals. 
  • Daily info - Shows the date, a greeting, weather conditions and the latest/pinned notice on the Notice Board.
  • Hi5 stats - shows your Hi5-giving stats for that month compared to the overall giving within your company vs global across Hi5.
  • Company Values - review your company's values any time.
  • Get Hi5'ed - Get your unique External Hi5 link or QR code so that people outside of your company can Hi5 you.
  • Hi5 Leaderboard - Go to the Leaderboard showing the top Hi5 givers 🖐
  • Badges - Shows unclaimed badges up for grabs. Click to see all your badges.

More fun stuff

Notification Bullhorn

Click on the Bullhorn icon to see a quick breakdown of Hi5's latest features & updates.

Notification Bell

The notification bell will turn pink whenever you have an in-app notification, such as a new Hi5, or a Hi5 that has been backed. You can also click here to see a list of all of your recent notifications.

Upcoming Events

Here you will see all the upcoming birthdays & work anniversaries in your company. 

View TV Stream

Start a stream of your company's Hi5 Wall of Fame from your account, or get a shareable link so your company's Hi5 Wall of Fame can be shown on any screen ("Public Stream").

Now you're well on your way with using Hi5! Reach out to our Help chatbot if you need some assistance.

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