External Hi5's

Hi5's are no longer restricted to the users in your company's Hi5 account. If someone outside of your company wants to give you a bit of recognition for a job well done, they can now give Hi5's to show their appreciation. 

You can get External Hi5's when you share your unique QR code or link. The process is simple.

Step 1 

Click the Get Hi5'ed button on your Dashboard, under Take Action.

Step 2: Get Hi5'ed by sharing your link

Clicking on Get Hi5'd will pull up the Get Hi5'ed page. Here you can share your unique link:

  • by copy-pasting the link itself
  • via social media like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIN
  • by copy-pasting your QR code, or letting your Hi5'er scan it directly with their device.

Step 3

When someone scans the code, or follows the link, they will be redirected to the Give a Hi5 screen. Here they'll add their details, as well as the content of their Hi5:

Here they will be able to give you a Hi5, which will appear on your company's Hi5 Wall of Fame

You and your Hi5'er will also receive an email to confirm:

Bonus: Giving External Hi5's

You can also give Hi5's to people in other companies!

Step 4: Go to Get Hi5'ed

On your Get Hi5'ed page, click on the Send a Hi5 button underneath the heading "Hi5 someone in another company."

Step 5

You can search for a Hi5 user by email, or search for their company. Once you've found the person in another company whom you'd like to Hi5, you can go ahead and click on their profile & give the Hi5 as in Step 3 above.

For more information on how to give a Hi5, check out this article.

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