Step 1

Go to your Settings tab, under Company Settings.

Step 2

Make sure Ratings (under the Enabled heading) are enabled, as well as Goals - roles and/or Culture - values (under the Co-workers to rate each other on heading).

Step 3: Choose transparency setting

Choose one of the three transparency settings, depending on how much you want your employees to be able to see:

  • On transparency setting 1 (Open), an employee will have access to the details of who said what, about everyone (full transparency). Learn more.
  • On transparency setting 2 (Medium), she will have limited access to the Reports section, which will show other employees and aggregates (but no details on who said what). Learn more.
  • On transparency setting 3 (Closed - default),  will be able to see how she has rated herself and how others have rated her. This comes up as percentages in her My Status tab - she does not see the names or ratings of others. Learn more.

Good to know: as an Admin, you always see all the ratings data about everyone in the Reports section. Similar to the Admin, the Line Manager sees all the ratings data, but only about the co-workers they have been assigned to manage. Learn more about Permissions & views here.

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