Company Feedback is a powerful yet simple tool in Hi5 to get some valuable input from your clients and partner companies.

Step 1

On your Dashboard, scroll down to the Take Action section and click on the Request Feedback button.

Step 2

The feedback form will pop up - simply fill out the Email and Full Name fields with your client's details. You can also customise the Subject and Message of the email to be sent. We will automatically add your name to the footer of the email.

Step 3

Your client will receive an email from your email address, that looks like the below. They will be able to click on the Send Feedback button.

Step 4

Your client will be redirected to fill out and submit the Feedback form. We only ask 2 simple questions: What are the strengths of [your company], and what could [your company] improve on?

Step 5

You will get an email & notification to let you know that you've received Feedback. To view all your Feedback, simply click the View Feedback button in the mail, or go to your Reports tab under My Company and choose Company Feedback.

Step 6

On the Company Feedback reports page, you will be able to see all the Feedback you've received from each client. You can click on any Feedback card to view the full text.

Note: You can filter the results by time period (top left corner) or by Complete/Incomplete status (top right corner).

Step 7

Lastly, you can download a CSV file of your Company Feedback to use the data as you wish, by clicking on the Download CSV link in the top right corner.

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