Who has an employee been assigned to rate?

It will often be necessary to check (and double check) exactly who a specific employee has been assigned to rate.

Important note: Ratings is a legacy feature. On 30 Nov 2021 we’re saying goodbye to legacy Rating cycles on Hi5. So, if you’re still running ratings on our legacy feature, follow the steps here to download your Company Status report and to move performance reviews over to Pulses.

Step 1

To see who has been assigned to rate a particular employee, first go to your Hi5 menu and select Manage under My Company. 

You will now see a list of all the users in your company's account. 

Step 2

Go to the name of the relevant employee and click on the names (pink text) in their Rated By section. 

Everyone who the employee has been assigned to rate will appear on the bottom left-hand corner, under the heading To Rate.

Next steps:

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