Rating notifications

Depending on a company's settings, a Line Manager may receive a notification if someone in their team receives a poor rating from one of their co-workers. You can toggle this setting on/off.

Important note: Ratings is a legacy feature. On 30 Nov 2021 we’re saying goodbye to legacy Rating cycles on Hi5. So, if you’re still running ratings on our legacy feature, follow the steps here to download your Company Status report and to move performance reviews over to Pulses.

The notification email will look like this:

Step 1: Viewing the rating

Click Go to reports in the notification email. Alternatively, go to My Company > Reports on your Hi5 menu.

Step 2

Go to Company Status. 

Step 3

Find the Employee's rating card by using the filters at the top of the page, or simply start typing the employee's name into the search bar. Then, click View Details at the bottom of their card.

You will now be able to view the employee's overall score as well as comments from the co-workers who rated them. 

Step 4

Click View Ratings on the Culture Performance card to see who rated the employee poorly, and what their comments were. 

A poor rating is an excellent opportunity to touch base with an employee who may be having trouble in the workplace. Use this chance to get feedback about any difficulties they may be experiencing with achieving their goals, or living up to company values.

Note: Notifications about poor ratings are not public. Only Administrators and Line Managers will be able to see data related to poor ratings.

For more information about Company Settings, see How to customise company settings.

Big news

We've created a new feature which will eventually replace conventional rating, called Pulses. Pulses allows you to create much more robust feedback forms with 5 different types of question fields, including Goals ratings and Culture ratings. Check it out >
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