Hi5's Notice Board

The Notice Board is an excellent tool for facilitating quick and effective workplace communication. Never miss a company announcement again! Anyone in the company can create and send a Notice to specific Departments, Roles, Offices or Permissions within the company.

Important: If you're an Admin, you can go to My Company > Settings to toggle whether to allow Employees & Line Managers to create Notices.

Step 1: Creating a Notice

Go to the Notice Board tab in your Hi5 Menu.

Step 2

To start a new notice, click on the pink + icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3

A new notice will pop up. You will then be able to edit the subject and content of the notice:

On the right you will be able to filter your audience.

By default, a notice is sent to All in Company.
To send to specific groups in the company, filter by Roles, Departments and Offices.
Choose which permissions will be able to see this notice (Admins, Line Managers and/or Employees).
Decide whether your recipients will be notified by email, push notification on mobile, or both. You can also deselect both if you don't want any notifications sent out.
Customise your notice by adding hyperlinks, changing font size, font colour, adding bullet points and more.

Step 4

Once you've typed out your message and selected your audience, you can save the Notice as a Draft, or click Send Notice to send it out**.**

Pro tip: Make sure you've selected the group of co-workers you want to send this Notice to before saving it as a Draft, as you won't be able to edit this after!

Step 5: Completing and sending a draft Notice

If you saved the Notice, it will be labelled as 'DRAFT' in green. Simply click on the edit icon to make changes to the subject and content, or click on the trashcan icon to delete the draft.

Once you're done, click Send Notice

Now you and everyone in your group selection will see a new Notice on the Notice Board!

Depending on the type of notification you've chosen, your recipients will get an app notification and/or an email in their inbox.

Step 6: Commenting on a Notice

Once you see a new notice on your Wall of Fame, click Read Now to go to the Notice Board section. You can also click directly on the Notice Board tab on the Hi5 Menu.

Click on the speech bubble icon on the bottom right corner of the notice, then start typing out your comment. Click send.

Once your comment has been saved, you can go back and edit, or remove it as needed.

How to pin/unpin a notice

If you want to highlight a particular notice, you can pin it. Pinning your notice will make sure that it remains at the top of your Notice Board page. 

Step 1 

Click on the small pin icon at the top right hand corner of the notice you want to pin. Click Yes to confirm your selection.

Your pinned notice will now remain at the top of the Notice Board page until you decide to unpin it.

Note: Only one notice can be pinned at a time. The most recently pinned notice will be moved to the top of the page.

Step 2

To unpin a notice, simply click on the pink pin icon in the top left corner of the notice. Click Yes to confirm.

The unpinned notice will return to its chronological position on the board.

For more info on how we developed the Notice Board, check out this article on our blog.
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