Premium Pulse templates

You can create your own Pulse survey from scratch, or use one of our ready-to-use Premium Pulse templates. Why Premium? We're teaming up with leading consultants and companies so you can run verified surveys in your organisation using Hi5.

This also means that we'll be able to benchmark your data in the near future, providing you with insights into how your company is doing compared to others in your industry and beyond.

Great news! We've already released 5 x FREE Premium Pulses for you to use!

Here's how to use Premium Pulse templates:

Step 1

Go to your Pulses dashboard. You should see Premium Pulses listed at the top.

Step 2

In order to get a Premium Pulse, click on the Use Template button next to the relevant pulse template. A green button means you've already claimed this Pulse, a red button means you have not yet.

More info and the price of the Premium Pulse will be displayed:

Great news! We've already released 5 x FREE Premium Pulses for you to use!

Step 3

To add a Premium Pulse to your arsenal, simply click Claim Now (free templates), or Buy Now (paid-for templates).

If you have a discount code, add this and Apply Code before clicking Buy Now. You'll be asked to fill out your credit card details.

Step 4

Once you've claimed/purchased your Premium Pulse, the button next to it will turn green. Now click on that button to set up your Pulse and presto!

You can use a Pulse template as many times as you'd like.

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