Hi5 integration with Microsoft Teams

Give recognition on the fly while using Microsoft Teams! Here's a quick guide on making the most of the Hi5 Microsoft Teams app:

Give a Hi5

Option 1: Via the Hi5 Bot

Step 1

In the message field in your Hi5 Microsoft Team, start by typing @hi5 to call the bot. Click on the Hi5 app icon to see a list of commands.

Step 2

Select the Give a Hi5 option and type your Hi5 message. Choose the co-worker/s that you'd like to give the Hi5 to.

You can also add an image and tag company values in your Hi5.

Step 3

Click Send Hi5 and you're done! You should see your Hi5 appear in the chat, and everyone in your team will also be notified that a Hi5 has been given.

Option 2: Via the Task Bar

To send a Hi5 directly from your taskbar, simply click on the Hi5 icon.

Follow Step 2 & 3 above to create and send your awesome recognition message!

Option 3: Sending Hi5's via Message Options

Step 1

Hover over any message to display the options and click on the 3-dot icon on the right-hand side of the message for more options. Now select More Actions > Give a Hi5.

The message sender will automatically be selected as the recipient of your Hi5. Follow Step 2 & 3 above to create and send your awesome recognition message!

Backing a Hi5

Like what you read? You can endorse Hi5's by backing them. Simply click on the 'Back Hi5' button on any Hi5 to show that you agree.

P.s. you can't back your own Hi5's - whether given or received!

Viewing the Hi5 Leaderboard

The Hi5 Leaderboard shows you who has been giving the most Hi5's in your company (or department, if you've been assigned to one).

Step 1

To add the Hi5 Leaderboard in your chosen channel, click on the “Add tab” (+) icon and select the Hi5 Leaderboard tab to install.

Step 2

Click Save and the tab will automatically be added to the channel.

Now you can check your Hi5 Giver Leaderboard right here in Microsoft Teams!

Viewing your Profile

Select the Hi5 app from the side menu.

It will open on your profile tab, where you can see your profile pic, name and all your Hi5's given and received.

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