How to sign in on your account

Once you've registered a company account and become the Admin, you will automatically be signed in. However, it's super easy to log in again at a later stage.

Employees need to first activate their accounts following the link in the email invite sent from their company's Hi5 account. Here's how to activate your account.

Below is a simple guide on how to log in again:

Step 1

Follow the link sent in your welcome email from, or go to and click the Log in menu item in the top right corner.

This will take you to the Hi5 platform sign in page. You can skip step one and go here 👇

Sign in

Step 2

There are three sign-in methods. Either enter your Hi5 account email address (your company email address) and click Next, or sign in with your Google account. Our latest option is to sign in using your Microsoft account.

Email sign in

Once you've entered your email and clicked Next, fill in your password and click Login.

Google SSO (Single Sign-On)

To sign in via Google's Single Sign-On (SSO) method, click the Sign in with Google button on the login page, then enter your Google account's email address & password.

Microsoft SSO (Single Sign-On)

To sign in via your Microsoft account, click the Sign in with Microsoft button on the login page, then enter your Microsoft account's email address & password.

Excellent! You're in 🙌 Go ahead and invite more co-workers, or give some Hi5's! Don't forget to download our handy apps here.

Did you perhaps forget your password? It happens. Check out How to reset your password.
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