Enable Birthday Notifications

Make the awkwardness of forgetting a co-workers' birthday a thing of the past. With birthday notifications enabled, everyone in the company will be reminded of upcoming birthdays (as well as work anniversaries!) via Slack and on Hi5's platform!

Step 1

Go to Settings in your Hi5 menu and click on the Settings tab.

Step 2 

Go to the Activate section and toggle Birthday Notification on. Remember to save your changes by clicking the Update Settings button.

Updating your birthday on your Hi5 profile

Once birthday notifications have been activated, make sure to update your birthday on your profile.

Step 1 

Click on the My Profile tab (your profile picture) at the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Step 2

Click on the field called Your Birthday and use the calendar to select the relevant date. We won't show your birth year to your colleagues, don't worry!

Step 3

Save your selection by clicking Save changes.


Now everyone in your company will be notified when your birthday is coming up with a simple Slack message & email notification.
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