Your Administrator will have assigned people for you to Rate. Depending on your company's settings, you will see two areas for rating, namely Goals and Values:

Goals: Rate your co-workers according to the 5 Goals that have been assigned to their Role in the company. This measures Growth.
Values: Rate your co-workers and the company according to how they are living up to the Company Values. This measures Culture.

Step 1

Open the Hi5 app on your phone and log in. Swipe from left to right to open the menu tab and tap on the Rate Now button. In our example, Anna is rating Georgina on Culture.

Step 2

You will be able to view all the people you have been assigned to rate, as well as the company. Below you will see that the company Jacobs, Smith & Bauer have No ratings due for Goals, but have ratings due for Culture. Click on a profile to start rating them.

Step 3

Once you've clicked on a profile, simply rate your co-worker/the company on a sliding scale of 1 - 5 on each section and tap the Next button.

Step 4

You will be prompted to leave some comments at the end - go ahead and provide some good, candid feedback. Tap Submit when you're done and Confirm.

Step 5

Well done on completing your first rating! Your input will make a huge difference. Repeat these steps for all your ratings.

Want to rate someone on Desktop? Click here for the help article.
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