Hi5'ing your company

If your company's account was created after 20 Feb 2019, you should be able to see your Company Bot in the Give a Hi5 section. Hi5 has made it possible for you give your company a Hi5, and show your co-workers just how much you appreciate your organisation.  

Step 1

Click Give a Hi5 on your Hi5 Menu or on your Hi5 Wall of Fame.

Step 2

Select your Company's Bot in the Give a Hi5 section.  

Step 3

Write out your Hi5 as normal, adding media (like a gif or a photo) and tagging any relevant company values. 

Click Send, then YES to confirm your decision.

Your Hi5 will now appear on the Hi5 Wall of Fame, where everyone in your company will be able to see it!

How to get a client to Hi5 your company

Step 1

Click on Get Hi5'ed on your Hi5 Wall of Fame.

Step 2 

Click on Give a Hi5 under Hi5 someone in my company.

Step 3  

Your company's External Give a Hi5 page will pop up. Click on your Company Bot's profile. This will bring up your Company Bot's External Hi5 screen.

Step 4

Once you land on your company's External Hi5 screen, copy the External Hi5 link from your browser's address bar. 

Simply share your company's unique External Hi5 link and watch the Hi5's roll in! Here's how to add an External Hi5 link to your email signature.

Need a little more info on External Hi5's? Check out this article.
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