Giving Hi5's to people outside of Hi5

Ever wanted to thank someone for doing something amazing, except for one problem: they're not on Hi5!

Our latest feature, Hi5 Someone Else, allows you to give Hi5's via email so that you can give recognition to people who are not in your company and do not have a Hi5 account.

Step 1

Go to Give a Hi5 and click on the Hi5 Someone Else button.

Step 2

Write your Hi5 as usual. Optionally add an animated GIF.

​P.s. use our nifty Genuine Meter to make sure you're sending a top quality Hi5!

Step 3

Lastly, add the Hi5 receiver's Name and Email address.

You'll see your Hi5 success message (and confetti🎉) if your Hi5 was sent.

​Your Hi5 receiver will be surprised with a Hi5 in their mailbox, and will be given the opportunity to say thanks back to you!


​Pro tip: Hi5'ing externally does not take any of your 5 x weekly Hi5's, but will also not appear on any Hi5 Walls.
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