Tagging Co-workers on Android

There are often situations where a team of people accomplishes something noteworthy. You can show your appreciation quickly and conveniently by giving them all a Hi5. 

There's no need to use up a whole week's worth of Hi5's doing it.  Using our Android app, you can Hi5 a team of up to 20 people and it will only use up 1 of your 5 allotted Hi5's!

Step 1

Go to Give a Hi5 in your Hi5 menu.

Step 2

You'll see a list of everyone in your company's Hi5 account. Select any member of the group that you want to Hi5 by tapping on their name. (We'll use Alyssa as the first member of the group in this example.)

Step 3

Type out the content of your Hi5. Remember, you're writing the Hi5 out to the entire group, not just the selected individual. Now tap the Tag co-workers button.

Step 4

Another list of your co-workers will appear. Tag the rest of the group by tapping each relevant team member's name.

You'll know that you've selected a co-worker when the grey hand next to their name changes colour from grey to pink. 

(Note: Un-tag a co-worker by tapping their name again. The hand next to their name should change back to grey again).

Tapping Done will save your selection of tagged co-workers.

Step 5

Tap Send. (Optional: Select a fun gif to go with your Hi5 🙌)

Step 6 

Select the company values that apply to this particular Hi5 (if applicable).

Step 7

Tap Submit for final confirmation. 

The app will let you know once your Hi5 has been sent. 

Check out this article to find out how to Hi5 a team on desktop.
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