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We're all about giving recognition, but we're also huge fans of Radical Candor and believe that it should be easy to help your co-workers with some candid feedback on their performance at work.

The Feedback Bot gives you an opportunity to send send some feedback directly to your co-worker, or to their Line Manager, each time you give them a Hi5.

Note: Feedback Bot is only available on Desktop at this time.

Step 1

Once you've given a Hi5 to someone, the Feedback Bot will ask you if you'd like to give some feedback as well. If you clicked '*Yes, I would like to give feedback*' then you will be given 3 options:

Speak to them directly
Now in Chat Bot
To their Line Manager first

If you pick 1., no feedback will be sent via Hi5 and we will leave it up to you to speak to your co-worker face to face.

If you pick 2. or 3., you will see the below text field where you can type your feedback message. Make sure that your feedback does not come across negative, but rather constructive. Check out the CCL guide for giving feedback.

Negative feedback:

Constructive feedback:

Step 2

Once done, click Send. An email with your feedback will be sent to your co-worker, or their Line Manager, depending on the option you chose in Step 1.

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