Check this out: How to give a Hi5 on Desktop.

Every week (at midnight on Sunday, to be exact!), you get a fresh batch of 5 x Hi5's to give to your co-workers. You can back Hi5's that others have given! 

You will see all the Hi5's in your company on your Hi5 Wall of Fame.

Let's start Hi5'ing!

Step 1

Tap on the red hand icon or go to the Give a Hi5 tab in the menu

Step 2

Search for the co-worker you want to Hi5. Tap on the hand icon next to the person's name.

Step 3

Type in the reason behind your Hi5. This is where it gets really fun! You can add a Giphy animated image (Add a GIF), or an image from your phone's gallery (Add a photo). In this example, we will Add a GIF.

Step 4

A GIF is worth 1000000 words! Search for a GIF you like, tap to view it and then press Proceed to add it to your Hi5 when you're happy with your choice. Tap Send Hi5 when you're done compiling your message.

Step 5

You will be asked to confirm your Hi5. You can also select the relevant Values that apply to this Hi5. Once you're happy, tap Submit in the top right corner of your screen - you will get a Success message when your Hi5 has been sent!

Now you (and everyone in your company) can see the Hi5 you gave to your co-worker on the Hi5 Wall of Fame!

Note: You can tap on any Hi5's paperclip icon in the top right corner to view the image/GIF attached. Tap on the Hi5 reason to read the full text. Enjoy!
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