How to check pending ratings

Important note: Ratings is a legacy feature. On 30 Nov 2021 we’re saying goodbye to legacy Rating cycles on Hi5. So, if you’re still running ratings on our legacy feature, follow the steps here to download your Company Status report and to move performance reviews over to Pulses.

Check on your pending ratings in your Reports dashboard. Use Company Status for a more detailed look at who has completed their rating, and how hasn't.

Step 1

Go to Reports in your Hi5 Menu, or click the Reports button on the Hi5 Wall of Fame.

Step 2 

The Pending Reviews button will display the number of reviews which haven't been completed yet.

Step 2

Click on Company Status.

Once on the Company Status page, you'll be able to see the total number of Goal Ratings or Culture Ratings completed on the buttons at the top of the screen. You'll also see the Next Deadline for ratings to be completed on the far right:

Step 3

Click on the Total Goal Ratings button or Total Culture Ratings button to see which ratings have been completed.

In this example above, only 6 out of 448 Culture Ratings have been done. Once you click on the Total Culture Ratings button, you'll be able to see details on who still needs to be rated by whom, as well as who still needs to rate the company (or click here):

Step 3: Remind people to Rate each other!

If you go back to the Company Status page, you can also simply scroll through the ratings cards to see which ratings are Complete or Incomplete.

See this help article for a step-by-step on how to remind people how to rate each other.
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