Company Settings

You can customise your company account by the changing settings for measuring Goals and/or Culture, ratings settings, transparency, notifications, adding users & adding your logo.

Step 1: Update Company Settings

Go to My Company > Settings.

Now, click on the Settings tab.

Step 2: Customise

Here you can toggle some features to suit your needs:


Toggle Culture and Goals on/off.
> Measuring Culture enables you to see reports on Values tagged in Hi5's, as well as ratings according to the Values.
> Measuring Goals lets people to create their own Goals, and allows you to see reports on ratings according to the Goals assigned to co-workers.


Choose whether people are allowed to rate each other, or only themselves and the company.
Adding co-workers
Allow employees to invite others to the company, or leave that up to the Admins only.
Bad Score Notification
Toggle on/off whether Line Managers are notified when their team members receive a low rating score on Culture and/or Goals.
Birthday Notification
Choose whether people should get a Slack and app notification when it's someone's birthday in the company (Pro tip: Birthdays are a great way to get co-workers to engage with each other more often!)
External Hi5's
Toggle on/off whether employees can receive Hi5's from people outside of the company by sharing a unique QR code.
Notice Board
Toggle on/off whether employees are allowed to post notices on the Notice Board.
My Ratings
Toggle on/off whether employees are can see rating comments.
Public TV Stream
Choose whether employees are able to share a unique link which allows them to publicly stream the Wall of Fame.


Set the ratings transparency in your company. For more info on this, see how rating transparency works.

Rating months

Choose your rating cycles.
Hi5 sends out automatic reminders via email and mobile push notification to everyone in your company on the first day of the rating cycle, as well as 10, 5 and 1 day before the end of the cycle, to ensure everyone knows when to rate!
You can also manually set your own Custom Rating Cycle.

Note that co-workers will not get ongoing automatic rating reminders when Rating Months are set to Custom Ratings, besides being notified when the custom rating cycle is started and then closed.

A major benefit of setting custom rating cycles is that you choose when it ends (which means if your co-workers miss the deadline, they can still submit their ratings until you choose to close the cycle).

We recommend setting your Rating Months to 'Active' for the first 3 months and thereafter to 'Standard' to help you get your People Data going!

Step 3: Save your settings

Once you've customised your Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Update Settings button to finish!

Good to know: You can always go back to Support > Setup Guide to reset your Settings step by step.

Step 4: Personalise your company profile

You can change your company's name and logo in the Profile section.

Change your company name

Type in a new name for your company and click on the Update button to save.

Change your company logo

Go to your current logo (if any) and Click to Change.

Choose a new image from your computer by clicking Select Logo, or simply drag and drop a logo image. 

Once your image has been selected, crop it as necessary and click Upload to save.

Cool! You can go back to edit your Company Profile at any time.
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