Assigning who co-workers are rated by

If you are an Admin or Line Manager, you can select who rates whom in your company. Line Managers can only do this for the people in their team, but Admins can select everyone's raters.

Important note: Ratings is a legacy feature. On 30 Nov 2021 we’re saying goodbye to legacy Rating cycles on Hi5. So, if you’re still running ratings on our legacy feature, follow the steps here to download your Company Status report and to move performance reviews over to Pulses.

Step 1

Go to Settings under the My Company menu tab.

Step 2

Under the Settings tab next to Billing, make sure the following are toggled on: 

Goals and/or Culture under Measure.
Ratings, under Activate.

Remember to click Update Settings to save your selection.

Your employees will now be able to see co-workers to rate in their Rate Now section under the To Do tab:

Step 3: Assigning co-workers to rate each other

Go to the Manage section under the My Company tab.

In the Rated by column, you will be able to see who rates each employee in red text. If there are no co-workers set to rate them, it will say 'None'.

Step 4

Click on the red text to edit which co-workers rate that employee:

Note: In this view, you are able to choose who this employee is rated by, and can also see who this person has been assigned to rate.

Step 5

Select the co-workers to rate this employee by either searching for them by name or clicking on the 'View All' drop-down to filter by Departments, Roles, Active/Inactive or Permission Level

You can select raters individually, or simply click Select All to assign the entire selection.

You will be notified via email when an employee has completed their ratings!


It's important to set your ratings transparency first - this determines how much rating information gets shared with Employees in the company. See this help article for details.
Users will automatically get reminded to rate each other based on the frequency setting under the Rating Months heading.

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