Inviting co-workers to join your company account on Hi5

There are 3 ways to add more people to your company on Hi5: one-by-one, multiple via a CSV upload, or via your company's sign-up link. Follow these easy steps:

Option 1: Add co-workers one-by-one

Step 1 

Click on the Add Co-workers tab in the menu.

Step 2

Enter the company Email Address and the Name & Surname of the co-worker, then choose their permission from the dropdown (learn more about permissions here).

Good to know: You can add up to 5 users at a time using this method; simply click +Add row to add more!

Once you're done adding co-workers, click the Invite button - they will receive an email from with an activation link.

Option 2: Add co-workers via CSV upload

Step 1

Without entering any details into the fields, click on Invite many people at once.

Step 2

Follow the instructions on the pop-up to upload your .csv file. We provide a template .csv file that you can download and populate with your company's users.

Important: Notice that you can toggle sending the activation links before you upload. If you'd rather wait before sending the invite emails to all your staff, then untick this box. You can send the emails later when you're ready (see this help article).

Step 3

Once you've uploaded your correctly formatted CSV file, you can click Upload and add those co-workers to the company account.

Option 3: Invite via link

If you'd rather share a link with all your co-workers to join the company on Hi5, simply copy the link at the top of your Add Co-workers page:

Some ideas for sharing:
Send this link on a Microsoft Teams chat or Slack channel
Create a QR code, make a poster and place it in your canteen area
Send the link via an sms campaign using a service like Bulk SMS
Share the link on your company's WhatsApp group

To see how to set up your company link and the email domains that are allowed to join, follow the steps in this article.


This function is only available on Desktop to users with Admin or Line Manager permissions.
To double-check that your co-workers have been added, go to the Manage section and you should see the co-workers you have just added (they will be inactive users until they have logged in for the first time).
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