The Give Gauge

Go to My Status and click on Give Gauge

The Hi5 Give Gauge shows you: 

How many of your 5 x Hi5's you've given this week.
How many days you have left to give before you get your new batch of Hi5's.
How many points you've earned this week and overall for giving Hi5's. You get 20 points for each Hi5 given!
A quick view of the top 3 Hi5 givers on the Leaderboard.

The Hi5 Leaderboard

When looking at your Give Gauge, click on the View Leaderboard button (bottom left-hand corner): 

Alternatively, you can check the Leaderboard straight from your company's Hi5 Wall of Fame:

Now you can easily see who has been giving the most Hi5's in your company per current week and all time. You can also see how you rank among the top givers!

The Give Gauge and Hi5 Leaderboard are still in Beta (testing) Mode, which means this is a great opportunity for you to give us valuable feedback! 

Let us know what you think by clicking on the Give Feedback button on the Leaderboard and leaving some comments:

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