Hi5 digital rewards: Zapper gift vouchers

Giving is better than receiving, but it's also important to incentivise recognition in the workplace to encourage people to appreciate great work on a continual basis.

With Hi5's Digital Rewards, you can sit back and watch your employees automatically receive vouchers for using Hi5!

Please note: Digital rewards form part of our paid Business and Awesome subscriptions (See how to upgrade). Paying clients receive rewards vouchers valued at 5% of their monthly licence fee per month (no extra charge).

Step 1: Check on company rewards (Admin)

To see who has received Hi5 rewards in your company, go to My Company > Settings and click on the Rewards tab.

Here you will be able to toggle rewards on and off, and see who has received digital rewards in your company.

Topping up rewards

You can check how many rewards you have left for the month at the top of the page. Click the top-up link to send us a mail to request more.

Step 2: Check on your own rewards (All permissions)

To see the rewards you've received, simply click on the My Rewards menu tab on the left - well done on your achievements!

You can access your rewards on your Android phone as well - check out this article. Please note that this is not yet available on iOS!

You will be prompted to get the Zapper app in order to use your voucher.

Any questions or suggestions? Reach out to us at [email protected].
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