Q: Is my information private?

A: Yes, all information in Hi5 is private and only visible to those with the appropriate user rights. 

Q: Whom do I speak to if I need help?

A: Hi5 offers our clients 24-hour assistance by a real person (keeping in mind that we have a life too). Chat to our Happiness Hero on email: help@get5.io

Q: Who is Admin for my Company?

A: Client companies create their own Administrators to manage their Company profile, information and the entire process on Hi5. However, we recommend that only the top dog Senior HR Staff be given this responsibility.

Q: Can I change any details on my profile?

A: There are details that you can change, such as; you can upload and change your profile picture at any time, change your name and create a new password.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from Hi5 email notifications?

A: We follow international standards: simply click the Unsubscribe from this list link at the very bottom of an email you received from Hi5.

Q: Who can view information about me?

A: Users can only view their own information and those of the peers assigned to them (for reviews). Only Admins are able to view everyone’s information.

Q: What if I don’t want to be part of Hi5?

A: Low5. In the end, we are providing the awesome platform that is Hi5. It's up to a company to decide which staff members are involved. 

Q: Why do I have to review myself?

A: Doing a personal review gives you the opportunity to assess your performance and also to compare it to those reviews done by your co-workers. Personal reviews are a valuable way of tracking your personal development and career journey.

Q: I don’t agree with the Goals that have been created for me.

A: Hi5 provides the platform, while your company loads those specific goals onto our platform. If you don't agree with your goals, we suggest you chat to your relevant department head. 

Inhale... Exhale...

Q: Will the reviews I completed be saved before I’ve completed the entire Peer Review?

A: In order to ensure the security and privacy of all Hi5 accounts and users, you cannot leave a review mid-way and come back again later and do it. If a review is interrupted and you have to return to it later, you will have to start from scratch.

Q: Will the information in the Review be used against me if I rate someone low?

A: Hi5 is a tool designed to help optimise staff performance, give insight into personal areas of excellence and also development needs and, ultimately, to help teams work better together. Low ratings are ,therefore, not something to penalise, but rather serve as a signpost to areas for improvement.

Q: If I get low ratings from my Peers, will this be used in my formal job review?

A: Scoring a consistently low rating from one’s peers would seem to indicate that there is room for personal growth on the identified measure. Whether it will get used in your formal job review is up to your company. 

Q: Can I be fired for having low ratings on Hi5?

A: While a low rating on Hi5 should not lead to you being fired, it should raise the flag that something needs attention/work.

Q: How can I be sure that no-one tampers with my reviews?

A: Hi5 is a secure site (pinky promise). 

Q: Is there any benefit to me if I give someone a Hi5?

A: Giving a Hi5 in itself does not directly benefit you, other than the fact that it shows that you are aware of effort above-and-beyond the call of duty. Hi5 your peers where a Hi5 is earned. Don’t leave your peers hanging…

Q: Is it possible to go back and edit a Peer Review once I’ve submitted it?

A: Once a Peer Review has been submitted you cannot change it.

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: As a User, you cannot delete your account. Only Admin can delete accounts.

That was a mouthful. 

If you haven't found the answer you looking for or needing some more info, please contact us at help@get5.io.
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